To make our web site work successfully we sometimes use cookies in your device. A lot of web sites do it also.

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small text file and web site is saving it into your device when you open the site. It helps for web site to remember your authorization information and settings ( language, font sizes etc.) which have been set up before so you don’t have to do it again.

Why we are using cookies?

Few of our pages contains cookies to remember:

  • your screen settings – colors, contrasts or size of text;
  • have you answered to a pop – up question about the usefulness of this site’s content ( not to show it later again );
  • have you gave a permission (or not) that we are using cookies on web site.

There are few videos on web site which anonymously collect data about how did you get here and what kind of videos were you watching.

It is not an obligation to accept cookies but it is for your own good. You can delete or block cookies but keep in mind that some of our web sites options may not work as it should. .

Information connected with cookies are not used to identify you as a person and all your data navigation is under our control. We are using cookies for mentioned reasons only.

Are we using other cookies?

Some of our pages or sub pages could contain other or different cookies which are not mentioned here. In that case there will be a notification for more information. You could be asked to give permission for saving these cookies.

How to control cookies?

It’s up to you – control or delete cookies. For more information read: You can delete all cookies from your device and most of programs can be set up for blocking cookies. But there is a small problem with that – you will need to customize few settings by yourself each time when visiting web site and maybe some functions will not work correctly.